My name is Jeremy Simons.  I was born and raised in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana, where I still reside with my wife and three daughters.  I have written on and off my entire life and just recently had an urge to share it with the world.  I’m a huge horror movie buff which is where most of my writing gravitates towards.  I also love writing anything supernatural—ghost stories are the best—and the occasional suspense/thriller.  I’m an avid reader when I can find the time:  anything Stephen King and any other horror titles I can get my hands on.

My works have appeared across numerous zines:  The Horror Zine, Aphelion-webzine, Psychopomp, Carnage Conservatory, Voices from a Coma, Hellfire Crossroads,, and Massacre Magazine.  You can also find my work in these anthologies:  October's End, the X3 Anthology, Midnight Ghosts, and Deathlehem Revisited. I am currently under contract with Celestial Waters Publishing and looking forward to sharing all of my ideas with you.

You can also follow me on Twitter, @jeremi1986, and check out my author page on Facebook (

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Huff Bend Hellhouse

I'm currently making a second pass through a novel entitled Huff Bend Hellhouse that I will be...
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Links to Anthologies

My short stories are available in three ongoing anthologies at the moment, two from Horrified Press...
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